Fireflies Assessment/Documentation

Assessment Overview

Our authentic assessment process is based on observation and easily pairs with FunShine curriculum. It is a teacher-friendly, three-step approach. Learn more: Click here to download

Step 1: Activity List (1st Quarter: Sep-Nov)

Plan activities to observe Click here to download

--Activity List (2nd Quarter: Dec-Feb)

Click here to download

Step 2: Group Assessment Worksheet

Use this form to gather evidence and document an activity for a group of children. Click here to download

Step 3: Child Progress Report - 3 Year Olds

Summarize children's portfolios on this report. Use it to guide your meetings with parents. You can also purchase printed copies from FunShine Express. Click here to download

--Child Progress Report - 4 & 5 Year Olds

Click here to download

Developmental Continuum

Our Continuum helps you easily document skills! Domains, Sub Domains, Goals, and Indicators are identified for infants to 5 year olds. Indicators are listed with each curriculum activity. Click here to download