Intro to Authentic Assessment

A short overview of FunShine's New Assessment Process and Forms beginning with September 2017. Click here to download

Step 1: Activity List (First Quarter: September-November)

Click here to download

--Activity List (Second Quarter: December-February)

Click here to download

Step 2a: NEW! Group Assessment Worksheet

Use this form to document an activity for a group of children. Click here to download

Step 2b: NEW! Individual Assessment Record

Transfer info for each child onto this form. Clip it into a binder to create a portfolio. Add work samples and other evidence. Click here to download

Step 3: NEW! Assessment Report

Summarize children's portfolios on this report. Use it to guide your meetings with parents. Click here to download

NEW! Developmental Continuum

Our new Continuum helps you easily document skills! Domains, Sub Domains, Goals, and Indicators are identified for infants to 5 year olds. Indicators are listed with each curriculum activity. Click here to download